Not All Tax Resolution Companies are Created Equal

It’s unfortunate, but true, that not all tax resolution companies are there to help you. Not all tax resolution companies have your interest at the forefront. Some tax resolution companies just want your money–if they can fix your problem, great, if not, oh well. They build up a big company really fast and advertise over thousands of radio stations in other states. Many people who truly need help and a tax expert who has got their back will call the number on the radio ad and find themselves talking to a salesman. That salesman knows little to nothing about taxes. In many instances, those companies don’t stay in business more than a few years (examples: Roni Deutsch, JK Harris and Taxmasters to name a few).

Before you can even tell them what your tax situation is, they promise to work miracles for thousands of dollars up front. They also inform you that they will be referring you to a tax expert. You deserve better than what many tax resolution companies can offer. You do not have to spend thousands before actually meeting someone. You deserve to meet the tax expert in person.

The first call you make, we answer. You speak with a tax expert who will schedule your appointment. You meet us in person. We are right here in Kansas City and we are a registered Kansas CPA firm. We are a tax resolution company looking out for your interests. Your questions are answered and the work is done. Our fees are based on our work and not how much we think you’re willing to pay. We are accredited with the BBB and you can read our reviews on Yelp and Google. Call us today and schedule an appointment to meet with us at Kansas City Tax Mediation. Let’s get through this together.

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