Why IRS Problems are Your Problems

The IRS has IRS problems like nobody else. It is not by a scandalous affair, or murder (that we know of), but by actions against the citizens of the United States of America. A few years ago, the IRS problems came to light when it was revealed that they had targeted specific political groups when it came to audits, reviewing taxes, and collection efforts. And the IRS problems continue to get worse as the “missing” emails were found and now an official criminal investigation is underway.

There are several investigations, as well as confusing bits of information from both sides determining whether there is corruption, who is at fault, and who exactly was targeted. The information, whether it leads to charges against the IRS agents and those in charge, or shows complete innocence, the IRS problems are amounting to over $14 million in taxpayer money being used for the whole investigation process.

Chances are, if you owe the IRS you have not been targeted like the people you hear about in the news, but it goes to show that you need to fight to defend your rights as a taxpayer.

Call Kansas City Tax Mediation and we will help review your tax case. If you feel you were wrongly targeted or that the IRS is going for more money than you owe, call us. We will look at your tax situation and help fix it. We are experts in tax audits and all other possible issues. It is a free consultation where you meet with a tax expert face to face. We will make sure your interests are properly represented and protected. Do not be collateral damage to the IRS problems going on right now. Let’s get through this together.

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