Tax Resolution Companies for Kansas City

There are so many tax resolution companies that make it hard to figure out who to turn to for tax help. Tax resolution companies are on the radio. Tax resolution companies are on the TV. Tax resolution companies are even sending out mail about the services they provide.

But many of them may not actually resolve your tax issues. They say they will, or at least it sounds that way until you read the fine print. A tax resolution company should resolve your tax issue in the best way possible. Here are some red flags to look out for when you call them up for help:

1. They do not make an appointment during the first phone call. Sometimes you will run into a phone answering service that will eventually sell your name to a company that says they solve tax problems.
2. They will ask for a lot of money up front. They will call it a retainer or a fee to get started on your case. Do you remember talking to them about the details of your case before they told you how much they charge to help? What will happen many times is they will charge monthly fees but not do anything.
3. They will talk about your case over the phone and not in person. You will not get to meet the person handling your case in person because they are in another state too far away to drive to.
4. They will not keep touch with you on your case. How will you know if they filed anything or are working on your case if they are not asking for documents from you like your tax stuff or letters you received from the IRS?

Call Kansas City Tax Mediation. We are local, we meet for a free consultation, we meet face to face, no salesmen, but real tax experts. Let’s get through this together.

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