Your Local Tax Relief Company

Are you shopping around for a tax resolution company? Do you live anywhere near Kansas City? Or do you have a problem with the Kansas Department of Revenue or the Missouri Department of Revenue?

Kansas City Tax Mediation is a tax relief company located in Merriam, right next to Shawnee Mission Medical Center, in the heart of the Johnson County. Unlike our competition, we are a registered CPA firm and we have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We believe in earning our fees. For example, we don’t ever recommend proposing any kind of settlement with the IRS until the client is fully aware of its likelihood of acceptance.

If you’ve ever spoken with another tax relief company, you’ve probably made a few observations that didn’t sit well with you. First off, you know when you’re talking to a salesman because they’re more interested in making promises and collecting money than they are in discussing the details of your case. Also, they will be in some other part of the country, so you will not be meeting face to face with them. Kansas City Tax Mediation is your local tax relief company. Your free consultation will be with a CPA. He won’t “hard sell” you, because he is also the person who will be working your case. Not only that, KCTM is not a tax relief company that claims to specialize in “all fifty states,” we specialize in Kansas and Missouri issues because (surprise surprise!) those are the states we most often deal with.

If you’ve been looking for a tax relief company in the Kansas City area, you have nothing to lose. Call Kansas City Tax Mediation today to set up your consultation. Let’s get through this together.

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