What to Expect from Kansas City Tax Mediation

If you have tax debt problems, call Kansas City T Mediation for help. You’ll get to talk to someone who actually prepares taxes, not just a salesman trying to hustle you. We can always answer a few general questions about tax debt problems over the phone, or you can set an appointment for a free consultation with the firm owner and CPA. The majority of the time, we have appointments available within 24 – 48 hours and we’re even open late one evening a week, to accommodate those who have a busy work schedule.

For the appointment, you’ll need to bring in your tax papers, letters from the IRS, and anything that helps us get a feel for your unique situation. The CPA uses this information to analyze how to proceed with your case. There are 12 different approaches to dealing with tax debt problems and we want to use the best one. When you hear about the big flashy mediation firms, they promise to make your tax debt problems disappear or that you can settle your debt for “pennies on the dollar”. While it’s true that can happen, not every case is eligible for that kind of extreme settlement. We don’t want to waste time chasing after a program we know you won’t qualify for.

Once we know what we’re working with, we get started immediately. Whether you just need to get caught up on filing returns, or we’re working with the tax agencies on settling your debt, by bringing your tax debt problems to Kansas City Tax Mediation, you’ll be able to breathe easier very soon.

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