CPA vs Tax Attorney

People do sometimes need attorneys when dealing when taxes and they ask if we’re a Kansas City tax attorney. Sorry to say we do not have a Kansas City tax attorney here at our firm, but we still want to hear about your tax case. Because if you have a tax problem in Kansas City, tax attorney may be what you need, or you might just need a tax strategist like our CPA, Scott Keithly.
There are some cases where you absolutely would need a tax attorney.

1. If you have a situation where you need attorney-client privilege. Your attorney is exempt from testifying against you, so if your issue is going to court, you may need a tax attorney.
2. If your case involves fraud or tax evasion. These are not just tax issues, but are also criminal charges. We would recommend a Kansas City tax attorney to you in this case not only because you would enjoy attorney-client privilege, but because a CPA would not be qualified to handle these types of issues.
3. If your case is likely to go to tax court. CPA’s know a lot about taxes and even the tax laws, but in a case like this, you will want an attorney whose main job description is litigation. The IRS is going to use very experienced lawyers and you will want the same.
4. If you owe an extremely high dollar amount, the resources that the IRS will be using to collect from you may require the expertise of an attorney.

If your problem doesn’t include any of those three things, a CPA may be able to help you just as easily as a Kansas City tax attorney, and for less money. Here at Kansas City Tax Mediation, we can handle audits, wage garnishment, tax liens, and all kinds of tax preparation for individuals and business.

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