Here’s the Scoop on Back Taxes

Back tax problems are really the pits. You feel stressed all the time and the IRS is sending letters constantly! You wouldn’t believe how relieved our clients feel once they have caught up their back tax problems.

The thing is, most of the stress is all in your head. To catch up on your back tax problems, all you need to do is gather up the tax documents. If you can’t find all of them, the IRS has made it a lot easier to get that info. You can walk into an IRS office or you can request your wage and income transcripts on the IRS website or their automated phone system. Once you get those tax documents to us, we do the rest!

The best part of clearing up your back tax problems is the penalties for failure to file will be stopped. You can really let out a sigh of relief once that penalty is stopped. It’s a high percentage penalty that gets added each month the returns are not filed.

If there’s a possibility of refunds coming your way, that’s definitely another reason to hurry and clean up your back tax problems. The IRS will only give you a refund up until 3 years past the deadline. Once you hit that deadline, you can forget getting a refund or even having them apply that money to another year you owe. Imagine if you had thousands of dollars just sitting there and you couldn’t touch it! It really can be worth getting compliant with your back tax returns.

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