When do I Consult an Attorney?

There are some tax issues you can deal with on your own. Other situations will require a tax professional. But can you use a CPA, or will you have to hire a tax attorney? Kansas City Tax Mediation does an Optimum Resolution Analysis for new clients and looks at all possible solutions to your tax problem. We have the experience and knowledge to handle any type of tax debt problem, but there are times when you need an attorney for the protection they can provide. If your case would be better suited for a bankruptcy attorney or tax attorney, Kansas City Tax Mediation will refer you to one.

If the IRS is threatening you with criminal charges or your case is dealing with fraud, you need to consult a tax attorney. Kansas City Tax Mediation can do many things for you, but if your case is going to court, an expert in tax litigation is better suited for your case. In addition, if you have a criminal case, conversation with CPA’s and other tax professionals are not protected with attorney-client privilege. Only your lawyer is protected against testifying against you.

If you are worried you’re not making the right decision about needing a tax attorney, Kansas City Tax Mediation is a great place to start. We offer a free consultation and we will be open and honest about what we can help you with. If hiring a tax attorney is your best bet for success, we will recommend you take that route.

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