Local Tax Debt Help

If you need tax debt help, there are many advantages to using Kansas City Tax Mediation! One of the great things about our office is that we’re local. Located in Merriam, Kansas, we are a quick drive from any Kansas City metro town, and within an hour from Topeka, Lawrence, Atchison, St. Joseph, and more. You can stop by the office or set an appointment and see us face-to-face. Getting tax debt help over the phone like the national tax mediation companies handle business is much harder. We offer your first appointment as a free consultation and we can usually offer an appointment within a day or two.

Another benefit of our firm is that we don’t use salesmen. We believe you should speak to tax professionals when you call or come into the office. We’re here to offer tax debt help, not just sell you an idea or make promises.

We do specialize in tax mediation, but the best part about Kansas City Tax Mediation is that we offer more than tax debt help. We’re still a regular CPA firm as well, so we prepare current year tax returns, amendments, tax projections, and more. Once you’ve received tax debt help and that is resolved, you can continue coming to our office for your yearly tax needs.
Whether you have unfiled tax returns, being haunted by tax debt, or having wages garnished, tax debt help is out there for you. You can find it right here in Johnson County at Kansas City Tax Mediation.

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