Do You Need a Kansas City Tax Attorney

Unfortunately, sometimes a good person finds him or herself in tax trouble. It is natural, in that situation, to look around for help right here in Kansas City. Tax attorneys can be hard to find, and you may not know whom to trust. Worst of all tax attorneys tend to charge a whole lot of money for their services. Whether or not those prices are fair, you may not be able to afford them.

The good news is, Kansas City, tax attorney services may not even be required. In fact, there is a company right here in town that can help. Kansas City Tax Mediation will help if you have unfiled tax returns or if you owe more money than you believe you are able to pay. We’re right here in Johnson County, easily accessible to anybody who lives anywhere near Kansas City.

Tax attorney help, however, is sometimes needed. For example, if you are being accused of anything criminal, you want a tax attorney. CPA’s and tax preparers are not trained to help those who find themselves accused of fraud or anything that is criminal. Also, only attorneys can give attorney client privilege. If the amount of money at stake is significant, say half a million dollars or more, you may want to utilize a tax attorney even if a high fee is charged. If you are being audited for sales tax in the state of Missouri and want to appeal that, you will want a Kansas City tax attorney for that.

We refer cases out to tax attorneys all the time. Give us a call to see if that’s what your problem warrants.

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