Can You Really Settle Tax Debts?

You can hardly turn on your TV or radio without hearing an advertisement for a company that claims to be able to settle tax debts. Celebrity endorsements, scare tactics, half truths–these are the gimmicks of those companies. However, if you’ve ever wanted to know if you can actually settle tax debts and made the mistake of calling these companies, you will be saddened to learn that these companies depend heavily on sales staff. Now, when you’re buying a car or a time share, it might make some sense to use a salesman. But when professional accounting/legal services are being peddled, a taxpayer is best served dealing directly with a professional.

The answer is that yes, you can settle tax debts. Not everybody will qualify to settle tax debt for less than what is owed, but everybody WILL qualify for a solution to their tax problems that they can live with. When new clients come in, they are often very dispirited about their situation. They feel that things are hopeless and that they will only continue to dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. Almost always, they leave our offices feeling hopeful. There is nothing false about this hope, the law protects taxpayers in many, many ways.

The first thing we do is analyze their tax situation and explore their options. We come up with a holistic strategy to address the entirety of the problem to settle tax debts. Once that is done, we execute the solution. We don’t sugarcoat things, we always tell you exactly what can and can not be done.

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