Services to Help Your Tax Problems in Kansas City

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We offer a unique, phased help approach to tax debt resolution.  We don’t determine what will tax debt solutions or settlements can be performed until we know details about the problem and the back tax debt that is owed.

Optimum Resolution Analysis

Most tax debt cases will begin with this service.  We will call the IRS and request your account transcripts. We will also request financial information from you.  We will analyze it and give our professional opinion about what your best tax debt resolution option is.  Many times we are able to help by setting up an installment agreement for a low monthly payment and reverse some or all of the penalties with no extra charge.  For many clients, no further settlement is available and this is the only tax debt solution that is necessary.  Some of our possible recommendations may include:

Offer in Compromise

Some taxpayers are unable to pay the full amount of tax debt they owe to the IRS.  These taxpayers qualify for an “Offer in Compromise.”  We will help by representing you throughout this process.

Currently Non-Collectible

While in CNC status, also known as Status 53, the IRS agrees not to take any collection action against you.

Installment Agreements

We can set up an installment agreement with the IRS that works with your budget.

Penalty Abatement

We may be able to help you by reversing some or all of your back tax debt penalties owed.

Injured Spouse/Innocent Spouse

We will help spouses who qualify for relief as an Injured Spouse or Innocent Spouse. This solution relieves their IRS tax burden owed.

Levy & Garnishment Release

Sometimes the IRS or state tax authority goes directly for your bank account or your paycheck to collect the back taxes you owe. There is no time to waste when this problem happens.  These cases always take priority and many times we are able to settle the problem by releasing these funds that business day to help you keep paying your bills on time.

Tax Return Audit Representation

If you are being audited by the IRS or state tax authority, you have to be very careful what you say and how you present the tax documents requested, otherwise you may ending up owing more back taxes.  We defend our clients vigorously throughout this process, and as a rule our clients never step foot in an IRS office.

Tax Return Audit Appeal

IRS and state tax auditors can be over-zealous and often their decisions can be easily overturned in Appeals. We have the experience to appeal any tax return audit decision.

IRS or State Tax Returns

We prepare aggressive tax returns, utilizing every available deduction to minimize the amount of IRS or state tax clients will owe, and we can prepare them for previous periods as well. This includes individual, corporate, partnership, payroll, trust and estate tax returns.

Tax Planning

Some taxpayers want to know if they are utilizing all tax advantages available to them.  When we perform tax planning services, we comb through old returns and provide a written solution about how taxes can be minimized in the future.


Kansas City Tax Mediation, LLC is a registered Kansas CPA firm that offers tax settlement solutions to taxpayers with back tax problems in Olathe, Overland Park, Mission, Merriam, Shawnee, Lenexa, Leawood, Lee’s Summit, Gladstone, Kansas City Kansas, Kansas City Missouri, Independence, Lawrence and all other surrounding cities.