Tax Season is here!

We are getting into February and tax season is in full swing! You should have started receiving documents for your 2017 tax year return. If you are already a Kansas City Tax Mediation client, you may have also gotten an organizer from us to help you get ready. New potential clients should call the office… read more

Help Tax Debt Disappear!

Are you confused about what you need to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities? Do you need help? Tax debt can lead to garnishments. There is a local company that can evaluate your situation and make knowledgeable decisions, make arrangements that free up your money, and satisfy the IRS. Kansas City Tax Mediation is here to guide… read more

Actual Client Testimony

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we pride ourselves on being able to successfully settle tax debts for our clients. Dale from Lee’s Summit states, “I owed 81 thousand dollars. That’s including interest, fees, whatever else they put on there.” Dale was in a pretty sticky situation when he came to us. ”The IRS came after… read more

A Practical Approach

Just a few of the many tax debt problems you may face include:  IRS Penalties and Interest Letters and Notices Tax Liens and Levies Wage Garnishments Unfiled Returns Impending Audit  Kansas City Tax Mediation is here to find a solution to these tax debt problems and more. The faster you take action, the easier it… read more

Locally Owned and Operated Tax Mediation Company

Kansas City Tax Mediation is your locally owned and operated business. Located in Johnson County, we are the experienced professionals you need to help you with your tax debt or current year returns. We urge you not to fall for the promises you hear on TV and radio commercials. Larger companies that do not have… read more