Tax Relief is a Short Drive to the I-35 and 75th Street

Do you have tax problems?  Tax Relief is so close to you it’s not even funny.  Kansas City Tax Mediation specializes in providing tax relief to Kansas City area taxpayers.  In our conversations with clients who have been looking for tax relief, we have found that many Kansas Citians prefer to discuss tax relief face… read more

Tax Bankruptcy Discharge

Believe it or not, not every tax problem needs to be handled by a CPA.  Sometimes you need an attorney.  Such is the case with a tax bankruptcy discharge. Some taxpayers are eligible to discharge their taxes in bankruptcy.  A tax bankruptcy discharge is a good option for taxpayers who owe not only tax debt… read more

When You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns are a gigantic problem because they prevent your case from moving forward.  Let me paint a nightmare scenario that happens every day when it comes to unfiled tax returns: Let’s imagine you have unfiled tax returns going back, say, five years.  Eventually, the IRS will probably file these returns for you.  The… read more

When you need Tax Representation

There are two kinds of tax clients as far as we are concerned: those who only need tax returns filed and those who require tax representation. If you have a problem with the IRS, you need tax representation.  If you have an IRS Revenue Officer who visits you regularly, you need tax representation.  If you… read more

Working with the Missouri Department of Revenue

The Missouri Department of Revenue can be an intimidating organization to work with.  The Missouri Department of Revenue can garnish your wages, levy your bank account and generally make your life very difficult.  When you try and fight back, they like to point out everything you’ve done wrong and how many chances they have given… read more

Local Tax Help is the Best Tax Help

Like most other types of professional services, local tax help is the best.  I could not imagine entrusting something as important, complicated and nerve-wracking as taxes to a company in another state. Kansas City Tax Mediation has found that this concept of local tax help is so popular with Kansas Citians that we have temporarily… read more

Let’s Handle Your Tax Debt

There are few things in life more annoying and persistant than tax debt. Tax debt can ruin your life.  Tax debt will keep you up at night.  Tax debt will ruin your credit.  Tax debt will stop you from buying a house, and it will stop you from selling a house.  Tax debt will bring… read more

What You Need to Know about Tax Settlement

Do you have a problem with debt you owe from tax?  Settlement can be confusing and stressful.  If you call around, you will talk to lots of salespeople in faraway places who seem to say that that tax settlement is an easy option for you, if you’ll only pay them lots and lots of money.… read more

Back Taxes

So you’re all filed up.  Maybe you faithfully filed your returns on time every year, maybe you had to file your last 8 years all at once.  Either way, you’re up to date and all you’re left with is a single number: the amount of back taxes owed. The best time to avoid back taxes,… read more