Optimum Resolution Analysis

So you have a tax problem.  Are your returns filed?  If they’re not, getting them filed is the first order of business.  If they are, and you don’t think you can pay the balance, you may be in need of an Optimum Resolution Analysis.

When you call most tax settlement companies, they will immediately quote you a high fee for settling your case.  They will typically make vague promises about “taking care of this for you” and telling you “not to worry.”  You feel as though you can throw a little bit of money at the problem and it will just go away.  In reality, many times they are assuming that you would qualify for an Offer in Compromise, which is a very big and time-consuming submission.

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we take a different approach.  We will perform what we call an Optimum Resolution Analysis.  In this analysis, we will examine your situation in detail, take a financial statement from you, contact the IRS, analyze your transcripts and then sit down with you and review the options.  Does an Offer in Compromise make sense for you?  What are the alternatives?  What are the drawbacks to an Offer in Compromise?  Are there ways to get the same result without submitting an Offer in Compromise?  You need to know all of these things before you can make a decision.

There are twelve different ways to get rid of IRS tax debt, and an Offer in Compromise is only one of them.  Contact Kansas City Tax Mediation today and set up a free, face to face consultation to find out how we can get through this together.