Offer in Compromise

Kansas City Tax Mediation has a success rate for Offers in Compromise much higher than the national average. That’s because we perform a thorough analysis so we can know for sure whether you are eligible for an Offer in Compromise before we advise submitting one. We also present the other settlement options so that you can make an educated decision. This saves you lots of time and money and saves us the hassle of dealing with unsatisfied clients, so everybody wins.

Did you know that the IRS accepts less than 40% of all Offers in Compromise? That means that if you submit an Offer in Compromise on your own, the odds are that it will be rejected.

Other tax resolution companies sell you on Offers in Compromise. That allows their salesmen (and KCTM doesn’t hire salesmen!) to tell you that their taxes can be settled for “pennies on the dollar” and charge very high fees. By the time the Offer has been prepared and the IRS has rejected it, many months have passed and you have already paid the large fee. When the Offer is finally rejected, the company reminds you that you signed a contract stating that the offer may not be accepted.

There are twelve ways to get rid of tax debt, and an Offer in Compromise is only one of them. Some of these other solutions are much simpler than an Offer in Compromise and could result in you paying none of your back taxes. Because they take less time, the fees for them are lower. The Optimum Resolution Analysis, which determines a strategy, is the best starting point for you.