Back Tax Help Kansas City

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we don’t judge.  We understand that filing and paying your taxes is not always as simple as it sounds.  What we will do is fix the problem.  If you’re missing W-2’s, we can get your IRS transcripts.  If you don’t have all of your business records, we can help you to recreate them.  And our clients are amazed at how quickly we are able to get their back tax returns filed.

You used to be one of those people who filed and paid their taxes every single year on time.  Then one year, maybe for a very good reason, you didn’t file.  Maybe you lost your W-2, maybe you had a small business and didn’t track your expenses, maybe you just couldn’t afford to pay the taxes.

And then a wonderful thing happened: nothing!  So the next year you didn’t file either.  Before long, it had been a decade or so since you had filed any tax returns.  Sure, you received a few IRS notices in the mail, but as long as you could live your life in peace, the problem could wait.

And the problem did wait.  Until it didn’t.  Maybe payday came around and you were informed that your company had paid the IRS instead of you.  Maybe your bank account balance was frozen.  Maybe an IRS agent came to your house or business.  If one of these things hasn’t happened yet, eventually it will.

Kansas City Tax Mediation will prepare your returns quickly.  We want it to be as simple as possible, so we’ll invite you for a return appointment where you can sign all of your returns, and then we’ll mail them out for you.