Tax Levy Help Kansas City

All tax problems are urgent, but as far as Kansas City Tax Mediation is concerned, nothing is as urgent as a bank levy or a wage garnishment.  Those cases go directly to the top of the pile and are dealt with immediately the day we know about them.

Few things are more terrifying than a bank levy or a wage garnishment.  That’s because it doesn’t matter how much money you make, the IRS can take just about all of it from your paycheck.  Think your savings can protect you?  Wrong, the IRS can take it all.  You can forget about paying the mortgage or buying groceries.  Life as you know it has just ended.

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we consider this to be an abuse on the part of the IRS or the state of Kansas or Missouri.  We can put an end to it because nobody should work all week for the IRS; nobody should save up money for paying bills or for college, just to have it taken without their consent to pay a tax bill that they may or may not actually even owe.

Don’t even think about calling an out of state company to handle this.  Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable dealing with somebody local who you can meet with face to face?