Kansas Department of Revenue

Kansas City Tax Mediation is no stranger to the Kansas Department of Revenue.  In fact, KCTM is a registered Kansas CPA firm and its President, Scott Keithly, CPA, holds an active CPA license in the state of Kansas.  Our office is located in Merriam, Kansas.  We have worked with many Kansas Department of Revenue collection officers, and we even know how to deal with the private collections agency that the Kansas Department of Revenue sometimes refers its cases to (yes, you read that right).

We can say from experience that the Kansas Department of Revenue is a particularly difficult organization to deal with.  For example, when you don’t file taxes, sometimes the IRS will file taxes for you.  All you have to do to fix this is file your own returns and send them in, and the IRS will update its system to reflect your returns.  When the Kansas Department of Revenue files for you, however, you must fill out several forms, some in the presence of a notary, pay a fifty dollar fee, and wait several weeks for everything to be processed.  They also ask you to provide copies of your W-2’s, even though they themselves have the copies!

If you think that just anybody can help you to deal with the Kansas Department of Revenue, think again.  Some national tax resolution companies claim to be able to represent you in “all fifty states.”  Think about that—they will deal with every state.  Do you think that there’s any particular state that they have expertise in dealing with?  You should probably call the specialists if you have a Kansas Department of Revenue problem.