back tax problems

How You Can Benefit From an Offer in Compromise with Tax Mediation in Kansas City

If you owe back taxes, you’re going to need a helpful, professional service. This includes either you are dealing with IRS tax liens or state or local taxes. Whether in Kansas or Missouri, local professionals in tax mediation in Kansas City can help you settle all outstanding debts and claims. However, this is usually an… read more

Back Tax Problems Lead to Tax Penalties

What’s really upsetting when you have back tax problems is all the penalties and interest the IRS adds onto your debt. If you didn’t have the money to pay your original tax, you probably don’t have extra money lying around to pay penalties either. The most common penalties when you have late returns are the… read more

Back Tax Problems

We are familiar with the anxiety, stress and humiliation that come with back tax problems. You feel like a deadbeat. You feel stupid. You feel like if other people knew about your back tax problems they would think less of you. And of course you feel like your future is not very promising, because every… read more