help with tax debt

We can help with tax debt!

When you are in need of help with tax debt, the IRS continues to add interest and penalties onto what you owe. It can be very overwhelming to think about this amount constantly increasing. If you didn’t have the money when it was first owed, you most likely don’t have extra money to pay over… read more

Hike in Kansas Income Tax

The State of Kansas Personal Income Taxes Just Increased! Starting on July 1st, this could result in a much larger amount being directly withheld from your paycheck. However, these changes will be retroactive to January 1st. Not only will you see the hike in percentage for your tax bracket, but many employers will be using… read more

Need Help With Tax Debt?

If you’ve been receiving IRS notices about amounts you owe to them, chances are high that you need help with tax debt. If you can’t pay the amounts they are saying you owe, then we can help. The IRS has a series of policies and programs that can allow you to pay back less than… read more