IRS back tax help

File Past Returns Before It’s Too Late!

Most people come to us for IRS back tax help because they have simply waited far too long to address the issue. It is easy to fall into procrastination when it comes to taxes. If you fail to file a return or owe from a previous year, it can be intimidating and humiliating. Once you… read more

Help Tax Debt Disappear – Kansas City Tax Mediation

Do you owe money to the IRS? Are you in need of help? Tax debt can lead to garnishments, liens, and other collection efforts… along with a LOT of stress. Many people in the Kansas City area have unresolved tax issues. We specialize in helping you, our fellow taxpayer, with all of your needs. Your… read more

Dealing With the IRS

It’s common to get behind on filing taxes. People move, records get lost or destroyed, maybe a family member has been ill, you became unemployed. There are a lot of reasons why people get behind and need IRS back tax help. Some other common problems that arise regarding the IRS are audits on back taxes… read more