IRS Problems

Why You Need Professional Help With IRS Back Taxes from Tax Mediation in Kansas City

    The IRS is a powerful agency and it takes an immense amount of knowledge and skill to navigate all of the legalities involved in the tax process. If you are a resident of Kansas and reside in or around the surrounding areas of Kansas City this tax mediation Kansas City can help you.… read more

Why IRS Problems are Your Problems

The IRS has IRS problems like nobody else. It is not by a scandalous affair, or murder (that we know of), but by actions against the citizens of the United States of America. A few years ago, the IRS problems came to light when it was revealed that they had targeted specific political groups when… read more

IRS Problems Do Not Have To Be Your Problems

There are a number of IRS problems that taxpayers run into constantly. There are unfiled taxes, huge tax debts, IRS letters claiming large amounts owed and what actions they will be taking, wage garnishments that leave taxpayers without enough money to pay for food and basic needs, and many other IRS problems. First off, you… read more

IRS Problems Cost More than Money

People nationwide have IRS problems involving huge tax debts, tax liens, garnishments, and many other types of issues. These IRS problems are not just about money. They cost nights of sleep, freedom from worry, and they cost time and energy trying to resolve the IRS problems on your own. The IRS wants money they think… read more

Kansas Tax Problems? Tips To Remember When You Owe The IRS

Owing back taxes can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to. With Kansas City Tax Mediation, we help those with Missouri and Kansas tax problems who are looking for tax relief and mediation. While in 1998 the IRS Restructuring & Reform Bill was able to begin¬†forcing the IRS to more… read more

Turn IRS Problems into Solutions

If you have IRS problems, whether tax debt, levies, garnishments, unfiled taxes, or an other IRS problems, we can help. We are right here in Johnson County by Shawnee Mission Medical Center. IRS problems can be difficult. Especially in the case of a garnishment, it is hard to work out anything with the IRS on… read more

Are You Taking Enough Tax Deductions? Kansas Tax Relief

There’s no point in passing on legitimate tax breaks because you think it may be cheating. Filing an honest tax return is a civic duty – we can all agree to that – but there’s no need to have a higher standard than the IRS requires. For example, some people won’t itemize a deduction just… read more

What If I Can’t Pay My Kansas Taxes? Kansas City Tax Mediation

So you owe Kansas taxes – big time – and you just simply can’t afford to pay all of it up front. Try not to stress too much – you’re not alone. So, what do you do if you can’t pay your tax bill? Whether it’s state or federal taxes that you owe, we highly… read more

IRS Problems, Be Gone!

IRS problems can affect our work, our family life, our cars and the vacations we take. In short, IRS problems are life problems. We have seen otherwise strong individuals break down in tears as a result of months or years of stress relating to IRS problems. The saddest part is that, most of the time,… read more

Does Owing Kansas Taxes Hurt Your Credit?

As you may know, it’s easy to drop your credit score down but it’s incredibly hard and takes a lot of time and diligence to get the score back up. Not paying your owed Kansas taxes on April 15th doesn’t hurt your credit score, but how you choose to pay them back does. Today we… read more