kansas department of revenue

Having Trouble with the Kansas Department of Revenue?

When clients come in with tax problems, often it’s the IRS that has them down. Many times, they have not filed several years of tax returns and the IRS has filed for them and is not taking their money against their will, perhaps through a wage garnishment or a bank levy, and they want solutions.… read more

How to Release Your Kansas Garnishment

One of the few drawbacks of living in the wonderful state of Kansas is the fact that the Kansas Department of Revenue is quite possibly the most ruthless tax collection agency in the country. They will zealously collect tax debts almost no matter how small they are. If you do not pay quickly enough for… read more

Penalties and Interest Waived with the 2015 Kansas Tax Amnesty Program

When you think about tax debt, owing the Internal Revenue Service is the first thing that comes to mind. But if you owe federal, there’s a very good chance you may owe the state as well. If you lived or worked in Kansas and owe the Kansas Department of Revenue, you will find they aren’t… read more