Kansas garnishment

The Truth About Wage Garnishment from a Tax Mediation Kansas City

For tax mediation Kansas City residents can seek out free face-to-face consultations. A wage garnishment occurs when a court proceeds with an order that requires an employer to withhold part of your paycheck to send directly to the institution or person you owe money to, until that debt is paid. Garnished wages can be used… read more

Kansas Garnishment Help

In most cases, debt that results in a garnishment of wages can only be up to 25% of a person’s net income and there must first be a court judgment in order to start the collection. In the case where the debt is owed to the Department of Revenue in Kansas, garnishment can sometimes be… read more

How to Release Your Kansas Garnishment

One of the few drawbacks of living in the wonderful state of Kansas is the fact that the Kansas Department of Revenue is quite possibly the most ruthless tax collection agency in the country. They will zealously collect tax debts almost no matter how small they are. If you do not pay quickly enough for… read more