Kansas Tax Problems

Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC Offers Optimum Resolution Analysis

Make Sure You Know All Your Options for Tax Issue Resolution FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kansas City, KS – April 1, 2017 – If you reside in or surrounding areas of Kansas City or Missouri and you are experiencing tax headaches, it’s time to seek professional help from Scott Keithly, CPA, founder and head Tax Strategist… read more

Why You Need Professional Help With IRS Back Taxes from Tax Mediation in Kansas City

    The IRS is a powerful agency and it takes an immense amount of knowledge and skill to navigate all of the legalities involved in the tax process. If you are a resident of Kansas and reside in or around the surrounding areas of Kansas City this tax mediation Kansas City can help you.… read more

Understanding Missouri Tax Debt Law with a Tax Mediation Consultant in Kansas City

Tax Mediation Kansas City professionals are committed to excellence in all services. This includes IRS back tax debt problems, along with wage garnishments and bank levies. They also help taxpayers resolve and settle outstanding debts with the federal or state governments. Whether experiencing economic hardship or business losses, local tax advisors can even formulate flexible… read more

Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC Provides Relief from Tax Debt Issues

Professional Tax Mediation and Tax Debt Relief Services FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Kansas City, KS – March 01, 2017 – Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC provides tax debt help and solutions for area taxpayers. This includes customers that owe back taxes or require assistance in tax debt relief. With years of extensive industry experience, the… read more

5 Tax Tips For The Self Employed: Kansas City Tax Mediation

While being self employed means taking on a lot more risks, responsibilities, and costs that you don’t have to take on when you work for someone else. Being self employed means that you’re responsible for getting your own customers, generating income, and paying taxes – just to name a few things. Knowing how to file taxes… read more

Kansas Tax Problems? Tips To Remember When You Owe The IRS

Owing back taxes can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to. With Kansas City Tax Mediation, we help those with Missouri and Kansas tax problems who are looking for tax relief and mediation. While in 1998 the IRS Restructuring & Reform Bill was able to begin forcing the IRS to more… read more