Missouri Tax Debt

Why You Need Professional Help With IRS Back Taxes from Tax Mediation in Kansas City

    The IRS is a powerful agency and it takes an immense amount of knowledge and skill to navigate all of the legalities involved in the tax process. If you are a resident of Kansas and reside in or around the surrounding areas of Kansas City this tax mediation Kansas City can help you.… read more

Missouri Tax Debt Misery

Missouri can be a little heavy handed when it comes from not filing previous years’ taxes. They will only look at income to determine your Missouri tax debt and not deductions, withholdings, or anything else that may lower your Missouri tax debt. They will add on interest, penalties, and any number of fees. It can… read more

Missouri Tax Relief: Lesser Known But Common Tax Mistakes

While the April 15th tax filing deadline is quickly approaching, you may be feeling a bit stressed – especially if you already owe Missouri taxes and you’re looking for Missouri tax relief. When you’re rushing to get your taxes prepared, it’s easy to make common mistakes that can unfortunately be costly. Before you sit down… read more

Your Lifeline for Missouri Tax Debt

It certainly is not difficult to end up with Missouri tax debt. A huge chunk of Missourians (perhaps even most) live in either St. Louis or Kansas City, and both of those metropolitan areas cover multiple states. This means that if you have ever lived or worked in Missouri, there is a decent chance that… read more

Retiring Soon? 5 Ways To Minimize Kansas Income Taxes In Retirement

Another tax day is quickly approaching and we hope that you’re on time to file by April 15th. Missouri taxes are a fact of life when you have a full-time job, but our tax liability will likely change once you retire from your full time job. If you’re still working, you’re probably hoping your taxes… read more

Can The IRS Keep Your Inheritance For Missouri Back Taxes?

Here at Kansas City Tax Mediation, we’re here to help you get Missouri tax relief now. As a back tax settlement and tax mediation firm in the Kansas City area, we’re dedicated to helping you deal with the IRS. Today we’re specifically discussing what the impact of owing back taxes has on an inheritance. Can… read more