Missouri Tax Help

Handling State Tax Debt

If you owe the State Department of Revenue for Kansas or Missouri tax, help from an expert is crucial to diminishing or resolving the debt. Our mediation team deals with the IRS and state agencies on a daily basis. Experience and knowledge of the processes and procedures are some of the best qualities to have… read more

Help Tax Debt Disappear – Kansas City Tax Mediation

Do you owe money to the IRS? Are you in need of help? Tax debt can lead to garnishments, liens, and other collection efforts… along with a LOT of stress. Many people in the Kansas City area have unresolved tax issues. We specialize in helping you, our fellow taxpayer, with all of your needs. Your… read more

Missouri Tax Help is Right Here in Kansas City

You may hear a lot of companies talk about IRS tax problems, but how many also specialize in providing Missouri tax help? Most companies that do tax resolution are national and claim to be able to represent people in “all fifty states” (which in and of itself is laughable, when you consider that 7 of… read more

Missouri Tax Amnesty Program

If you owe back taxes to Missouri and need Missouri tax help, I have some good news for you. The Missouri Department of Revenue has an amnesty program where all your penalties and interest will be waived if you pay off your back taxes during this time frame! This program is offered to individuals and… read more

What if I Owe Missouri Taxes?

Kansas City Tax Mediation specializes in Kansas and Missouri tax help. You hear about the IRS going after people, but what about the state departments? Actually, the states can be even tougher to fight than the IRS! It makes no sense to hire a resolution company located on the west coast if you’re having trouble… read more

Missouri Tax Help is Available

There is a common problem in the tax resolution world that gets overlooked. It goes like this: a person owes $50,000 to the IRS and has no idea how they will pay. They come in and meet with a professional and are pleasantly surprised to learn that there are all sorts of ways they can… read more

Your Lifeline for Missouri Tax Debt

It certainly is not difficult to end up with Missouri tax debt. A huge chunk of Missourians (perhaps even most) live in either St. Louis or Kansas City, and both of those metropolitan areas cover multiple states. This means that if you have ever lived or worked in Missouri, there is a decent chance that… read more

Retiring Soon? 5 Ways To Minimize Kansas Income Taxes In Retirement

Another tax day is quickly approaching and we hope that you’re on time to file by April 15th. Missouri taxes are a fact of life when you have a full-time job, but our tax liability will likely change once you retire from your full time job. If you’re still working, you’re probably hoping your taxes… read more