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Can I Really Settle Tax Debts for Pennies on the Dollar?

You’ve seen the ads where a salesman gives a pitch on how to settle tax debts for pennies on the dollar. What are they talking about? Are they for real… or too good to be true? The answer is complicated. These companies are talking about an OIC or Offer in Compromise. This is where you… read more

How to Settle Tax Debt

In order to settle tax debt, you will have to submit a substantial amount of documentation and information to present to the IRS. They want to know how much you can or cannot afford to pay from what you currently owe. If you decide to go with a tax expert who is authorized to represent… read more

Need to Settle Tax Debt?

To settle tax debt takes time, effort, and a serious amount of resources. There are documents to file, fees to pay, tax agents to call. When you want to settle tax debt on your own, you risk making mistakes than can make the debt worse or the problem bigger. Kansas City Tax Mediation knows how… read more

How To Settle Tax Debts

It is a long process that involves digging into every facet of your life before the IRS will consider the option to settle tax debts. They want information on everything. Your income, expenses, bills, debts, assets, tax history, and anything else they feel will help determine if you qualify to settle tax debt or not.… read more