settle tax debts

Actual Client Testimony

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we pride ourselves on being able to successfully settle tax debts for our clients. Dale from Lee’s Summit states, “I owed 81 thousand dollars. That’s including interest, fees, whatever else they put on there.” Dale was in a pretty sticky situation when he came to us. ”The IRS came after… read more

Can You Really Settle Tax Debts?

You can hardly turn on your TV or radio without hearing an advertisement for a company that claims to be able to settle tax debts. Celebrity endorsements, scare tactics, half truths–these are the gimmicks of those companies. However, if you’ve ever wanted to know if you can actually settle tax debts and made the mistake… read more

Time to Settle Tax Debts

Looking to settle tax debts? You’ve come to the right place. Is that because we can settle tax debts for every single person, regardless of their income or how much money they have in the bank? No, don’t be stupid. You’ve come to the right place because you’ve happened across one of the rare companies… read more