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Looking for a Kansas City Tax Attorney?

Sorry, you won’t find a Kansas City tax attorney at Kansas City Tax Mediation. But wait, don’t go! Depending on your tax problem, you may or may not need one. Lots of our clients come to us having previously met with a Kansas City tax attorney or two. In Kansas City, tax attorney talent is… read more

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

A good tax attorney can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations, but can very costly in other ones. Some questions to ask yourself are: Is my tax case going to court? Is a tax attorney the only person that can help me with my tax case? Will it require attorney/client privilege?… read more

CPA or Tax Attorney?

It is fairly simple to know which you need in your particular tax situation. A CPA can handle most tax situations, from back taxes, to garnishments, and even audits. A tax attorney handles tax court cases, legal investigations, like tax fraud, and appeals beyond the normal tax audit. It is important to know that a… read more

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Kansas City Tax Mediation can handle most tax situations that arise, and we can typically do it for a lower fee than what a tax attorney would charge. However, there have been occasions when clients have come to us looking for tax help and we have declined to help them. In those cases, we recommend… read more