tax mediation

Locally Owned and Operated Tax Mediation Company

Kansas City Tax Mediation is your locally owned and operated business. Located in Johnson County, we are the experienced professionals you need to help you with your tax debt or current year returns. We urge you not to fall for the promises you hear on TV and radio commercials. Larger companies that do not have… read more

Local Tax Relief Company

Just like you, the best tax relief companies you can find are honest and hard-working. Not all of us are out to scam you like the TV and online ads. At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we encourage you to do your homework. Does the tax relief company you are researching have a local office with available appointments? Do they… read more

Working with a Tax Mediation Firm

The amount of people with unresolved tax issues grows every year. That means the amount of garnishments and tax liens keeps rising as well, leading to more and more stressed taxpayers dealing with tax problems. Luckily, there are professional firms such as Kansas City Tax Mediation who have experience dealing with the IRS and state… read more

Working with a Tax Mediation Firm

Mediation is defined as a process in which a neutral third party directs settlement discussions and helps the parties reach a negotiated settlement. A mediator holds meetings, defines issues, defuses emotions, and suggests possible ways to resolve a dispute. Tax mediation occurs when the issue at hand is a client that owes a large amount… read more

Tax Mediation for Kansas City

Kansas City Tax Mediation is truly unique in many ways. For one, we never have, and never will, hire salesmen. We’ve seen what happens at other companies when salesmen, especially phone salesmen, sell services for a legal service as complex as taxes. They end up over-promising and under-delivering almost without exception. At Kansas City Tax… read more