Tax Problems

Your Tax Debt Problems Don’t Have to Be So Bad

Tax debt problems will keep you up at night. They will fill your life with anxiety and prevent you from enjoying even the basic pleasantries of life. If you have tax debt problems, you will likely not sleep as well, which can affect your professional and personal lives. When you have these issues, things that… read more

Are Your Tax Problems Unfixable?

Tax problems range from a notice in the mail for a few hundred dollars to garnishments and levies and liens. Most people have dealt with tax problems before at some point in their lives or another. Many taxpayers have been audited for things like a difference between income their employer reported and income they claimed… read more

Your Tax Problems Can Go Away

We have seen a number of different tax problems in our line of work. Our clients come in stressed, lacking sleep, worried about how to deal with their tax problems, and almost all hope is gone from their eyes. We listen. We get into detail about the tax problems they present. They came to the… read more

The Mature Approach to Tax Problems

Occasionally we come across somebody with tax problems who says something like this: “I know I owe taxes and I’m able to pay them, but I don’t want to pay them. Can you get me out of it?” Now at Kansas City Tax Mediation we don’t judge. We understand that while this person is able… read more