Tax Resolution Company

Which Tax Resolution Companies Can You Trust?

If you ever listen to the radio, watch TV or go online (which is pretty much everybody), you’ve probably seen advertisements of many different tax resolution companies. We here at Kansas City Tax Mediation are in the business, so we find these advertisements interesting and in many cases entertaining. When tax resolution companies are being… read more

A Tax Resolution Company you can Trust

Tax resolution companies are supposed to exist to help people with their tax problems. Dealing with the IRS or state tax agencies can be stressful, confusing, and time consuming. Tax resolution companies are working for you, but you might think of them as a mediator between you and the tax man. Unfortunately, there are a… read more

A Tax Resolution Company That Doesn’t Just Sell

There are many different types of tax resolution companies nationwide. There are big and small tax resolution companies in many different states. There are things to look for when searching for tax resolution companies that can help you. 1. Are they local? Would you be able to meet with them face to face? 2. Are… read more

Not All Tax Resolution Companies are Created Equal

It’s unfortunate, but true, that not all tax resolution companies are there to help you. Not all tax resolution companies have your interest at the forefront. Some tax resolution companies just want your money–if they can fix your problem, great, if not, oh well. They build up a big company really fast and advertise over… read more

Kansas City’s Local Tax Relief Company

Google “tax relief.” Company after company will pop up on your browser. It would appear that somebody looking for a tax relief company has the world at their fingertips. There are so many tax relief company ads, all of them just itching to take your tax problem and make it go away! Think again. The… read more