Tax Settlement

Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC Provides Relief from Tax Debt Issues

Professional Tax Mediation and Tax Debt Relief Services FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Kansas City, KS – March 01, 2017 – Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC provides tax debt help and solutions for area taxpayers. This includes customers that owe back taxes or require assistance in tax debt relief. With years of extensive industry experience, the… read more

IRS Settlement Options

Do you owe back taxes? Undoubtedly, you have seen the TV ads with unrealistic guarantees. Not everyone qualifies for penalty abatement or their famous Offer in Compromise. There are different IRS settlement options for every individual situation. At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we take a realistic approach to evaluating your current circumstances and finding the… read more

Can You Get A Tax Settlement?

Anyone can apply for a tax settlement. Anyone can file the papers and show their financial information. Many of the applicants should get the tax settlement they deserve, but they do not. It is a difficult, costly, time consuming process to apply for a tax settlement with the IRS. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of… read more

Your Options for Tax Settlement

The most effective tax settlement is known as an Offer in Compromise. The tax settlement option is one that we take very seriously and make sure we look at every piece of information to verify if you qualify before we charge you for submitting one. Getting a tax settlement is not like other debt settlements.… read more

How to Get a Tax Settlement

When you have multiple years of unfiled taxes, and the tax debt is mounting year by year, it is hard to figure out what to do. Can you do a tax settlement and what are the consequences? If you can do a tax settlement with the IRS or your state’s Department of Revenue, how much… read more

A Tax Settlement Firm in Kansas City

If you are looking into a tax settlement, chances are you’ve gone online lately to see what firms are available to help you do that tax settlement. And if you’ve done that, then you know that there are no shortage of tax settlement firms all too willing to take your money in exchange for their… read more